Elysia Crampton joins Break World Records

Elysia Crampton joins Break World Records

Elysia Crampton has announced on Twitter her signing to Break World, with two new records on the way.

She spoke to THUMP with details on the new album:


“I’m delighted to announce I have signed a two-album contract with Break World Records.

This year I am working to honor my own kinship network—my co-conspirators, or ‘collaborators’ as comrade J J Cohen would say. These are people that have spiritually sustained and supported me over the years like Felix Lee (Lexxi) and Ashland Mines (Total Freedom), real blood like Chino (Chinonyeelu Uchechi Amobi) and Tobias (Why Be), and newer family like Eric (Rabit) (shout out to Eric and Chino in Europe rn <3).

My first release will include these friends and work as a sort of quantum-twin to the play/DJ production I’ll be showcasing this year. ‘Dissolution of The Sovereign: A Time Slide Into The Future,’ a spiral that attempts to bridge the oral traditions of a queer andean past/aymara theater legacy with the sonic gestures of a trans femme abolitionist’s notion of futurity—always amidst the cataclysmic, irreducible horizon of coloniality.”


Stay tuned for more info on the upcoming releases.

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