Bookworms “Appropriation Loops (A Love Story)”: Stream New Single & Pre-Order New Album Out 6/16

Bookworms “Appropriation Loops (A Love Story)”: Stream New Single & Pre-Order New Album Out 6/16

Bookworm’s “Appropriation Loops (A Love Story)” is out 6/16 on Break World Records. LISTEN to the first single “Appropriation Loops” and PRE-ORDER the LP.

Nicholas Dawson has been producing music under the Bookworms moniker since 2012. His early work appeared on the New York dance label, L.I.E.S. His first record for the label, ‘Love Triangles’ remains a classic with ‘African Rhythms’ one of the most iconic tracks from the label. He runs a party and label in New York called Confused House, the party notable for its focus on hardware techno from the city, and abroad. The label released collaborative records from Bookworms and his L.I.E.S. cohort, Steve Summers. Recently Nicholas has released records on the burgeoning BANK imprint based in New York, and Barcelona based label, Anomia. His most recent work, “Appropriation Loops” is his debut full length for Break World, and is in a way a departure from previous styles.

A statement from Bookworms:

“Like Basinski’s tape loops morphing over time, appropriation loops are recurrent, fluctuant feedback loops in popular and unpopular culture.

Rae Sremmund talks about how they’re the new black rock stars with guitars in 2016’s “Black Beatles”, but The Beatles appropriated black American rhythm and blues music from the American South to begin with.

Kraftwerk’s mechanic interpretation of Motown hits of 60s and 70s Detroit was later echoed by Detroit techno producers who subsequently put the funk back in it and made it more minimal.

Detroit techno, for one, could never have been without the device of appropriation…but the device is often misused . People want to know where their chicken comes from (free range ,grass fed, no antibiotics ) but they don’t want to know where their music comes from. Where does it come from ? Trace the appropriation loops to find out….  “

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