Goth Money Trillionaires will be released on October 31. Pre-order on CD now from the Break World Store.


To operate through a concrete abstraction until attaining it; an imposition of idealism on reality through realistic means. To design and worship your own god – god as feeling and object. To create new geography, mapping out the land of your parallel civilization; to see its dialectics with reality and to see it getting closer to reality. To do a good thing. To create good. To blossom. To invent.


‘Trillionaires’ is the label debut and first recording of the six members of Goth Money.


The last A&R ambition of Barron Machat of Hippos in Tanks.


A Break World Records Production.


GOTH MONEY is (From left to right)

Hunned Mill
MFK Marcy Mane
Black Kray
Kane Grocerys



01. Gucci Racks
02. Bank Roll
03. Hell is you Doin
04. Movie
05. Hurry Up
06. BlueBucks
07. On top
08. Vice City
09. Cuban Links
10. Yung Taliban
11. Been that Nigga
12. Brick Walk
13. Bling Bling
14. Goth Mansion
15. Are you Still Gucci