Elysia Crampton Presents: Demon City  (with Chino Amobi, Why Be, Rabit & Lexxi)

Elysia Crampton Presents: Demon City (with Chino Amobi, Why Be, Rabit & Lexxi)

Elysia Crampton is a Bolivian-American musician, writer, and abolitionist.

She began making music under the moniker E+E (“Y-[and]-Y” – Spanish for “And & And”), collaborating for years with like-minded friends from around the world such as Chino Amobi, Dj Why Be, and Lexxi (musician and founder of the infamous Endless events in London), gaining a devout following within experimental music and coining a unique style out of the resources available to her. Now performing under her given name, she has developed her musical approach into one that is intricately composed, and refined in sound design, while carrying the legacy of her earlier work.

Ongoing themes of spirituality and transformation have made Elysia’s music resonate with audiences around the world. Navigating historical erasure, Her work also explores the adoption of sonic dialects across the Americas and how they shape the way different communities hear not just sounds but frequencies.

In 2015, Elysia released her debut album, American Drift to critical acclaim. Philip Sherburne of Pitchfork stated that the album “helped define the sound of experimental electronic music in 2015.”

Elysia has performed and worked closely with artists like Timur Si Qin, Juliana Huxtable, and Total Freedom (Ashland Mines), and has collaborated with contemporaries such as Kelela.

Her upcoming sophomore release, Elysia Crampton presents: Demon City (with Chino Amobi, Why Be, Rabit, & Lexxi), is a narrative album that works as an epic poem, existing as an official document of the Severo style.



Written as an epic poem, Elysia Crampton Presents: Demon City is an official document of the Severo style.

What is Severo?

The Severo style is an ongoing process of becoming-with, made possible by the family-networks and communities that have inspired and sustained our survival and collective search for transformative justice.


Side A

1. Why Be & Elysia Crampton – Irreducible Horizon

“The drain-hole of the mortician’s sink…”
– Smuts van Rooyen

2. Rabit & Elysia Crampton – After Woman (for Bartolina Sisa)

“I now saw in my situation, several points of similarity with that of the oxen.
They were property, so was I; they were to be broken, so was I. Covey was
to break me, I was to break them…”

– Frederick Douglass

3. Why Be, Elysia Crampton, & Chino Amobi – Dummy Track

Side B

4. Elysia Crampton & Rabit – The Demon City

5. Chino Amobi & Elysia Crampton – Children of Hell

“Fue torturada…” – Veronica Bolina
6. Lexxi & Elysia Crampton – Esposas 2013 (No Drums)
“And he fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to him, “…why
are you persecuting Me?
And he said, “Who are You…?” Acts 9:4-5
7. Lexxi – Red Eyez
“Now is time to resist, to fight for your continuation.
The time of revolution is now, because we’re never going back to jail…
The love that was denied to us is our impulse to change the world.”
– Lohana Berkins
* * *


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